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REDS 721 Pista Engine S-Series On Road Factory Controlled


The 721 Pista has been further developed and improved in various areas. REDS has based itself on the updates already implemented for the off-road engines and equipped the 721 Pista with a new Airboost housing cover and a modified crankshaft.

In addition, a special all-aluminum carburetor was developed and made ready for series production, which is now used in the brand new REDS 721 Pista. When designing the new 721 Pista, the development team also opted for an uncompromising orientation in the area of ​​the bearings.

A front bearing specially developed for extremely high speeds and provided with a special seal and manufactured in Japan, in combination with an extremely durable rear precision bearing made in Switzerland, ensures that the engine runs reliably and with low friction at all times.

• Noble engine for the 1: 8 on-road class
• Tuned running set for outstanding performance
• Anti Dirt Sealing System on the combustion chamber + cooling head
• DLC coated crankshaft with silicone insert + weights
• Modified all-aluminum competition carburetor
• 9.0mm Venturi insert included
• Airboost housing cover with DRC coating