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OS SPEED support driver Introducing OSSPEED R21 SHIMO EDITION 2 created by feeding back the know-how of Mr. Akira Shimotaka. The exterior uses a special color champagne gold outer head and reducer. Based on the R21 series, a newly designed crankshaft that emphasizes connection from low speed to high speed has been adopted, and the cylinder liner has undergone new processing that can reduce seizure, achieving performance that can win the race. It will be released as a combo set that includes TR02 (EFRA2165) + MR03-WC to maximize the power of the engine.

Specs —————————
Stroke volume: 3.49 cc / 0.213
Bore: 16.08mm / 0.633 in.
Stroke: 17.20 mm / 0.677 in.
Output: 2.8 ps / 2.76 hp / 35,000 rpm
Practical rotation speed: 4,000-45,000 rpm
Weight: 340 g / 11.99 oz.
Standard accessory
T plug RP7 1 piece
TR02 EFRA2165 Tuned silencer set MR03
-WC Exhaust manifold set
OS SPEED Fly foil collet 1 piece
Exhaust seal ring 1 piece
OS SPEED Dust cap set 12-30 ・ φ3, φ16, φ18 1 piece each ・