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Mechanical Unicorn

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It is common knowledge that the Great Tree that is home to Mr. Playwood is so enormous that one may take several days to travel from one branch to another and never reach one’s destination. Thus, the treefolk are in dire need of effective means of transportation. Mr. Playwood decided to help his fellow tribesmen – and himself, for that matter. Truth is, though, it did not come easy to him.

The initial mode of transporting living creatures and cargo from branch to branch envisaged use of a long-range catapult. Inventing that presented little difficulty to Mr. Playwood. The only drawback of that mechanism was its poor targeting accuracy. Which meant in plain language that you would definitely take off from your branch but your exact landing spot would be impossible to guess.

Then Mr. Playwood designed the Elephant Bot. Regretfully, due to its humble dimensions it was unsuitable for transporting people. When the inventor assembled a mammoth Elephant Bot, the device turned out to be so clumsy it almost smashed a tree village to splinters.

And finally – a resounding success! Mr. Playwood managed to design a perfect vehicle for travels across the Great Tree – the Mechanical Unicorn.

This marvelous aerial device is distinguished by a dignified posture and a massive wingspan. It is able to traverse vast distances on a single charge and uses its sturdy horn to spread the foliage along its path.

There is, however, an intricate nuance: the Mechanical Unicorn harbors a sullen temper. In order to learn to fly it, you would have to pass a three-month preparatory course. Moreover, riding this ‘vehicle’ is only allowed when wearing a special cork helmet that protects the rider from bruises – in case the Unicorn will dislodge you from your seat. Admittedly, the riders do not slip out of their saddles too often – just twenty-thirty times a day.

characteristics :

470 x 330 x 500 mm / 156 pcs

Take parts out of wooden holders and assemble by manual.


  • wood
  • age 14+
  • no glue


family friendly