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Bandai Maqueta Star Wars Razor Crest 1:144


Build the allure of the Mandalorian – Impressive Bandai Star Wars Razor Crest Model Kit!

Dive into the world of Star Wars with the Bandai Star Wars Razor Crest model kit in precise 1:220 scale. This high-quality kit allows you to create the legendary Mandalorian starship in all its glory and detail. With an impressive part count of 23 and realistic dimensions of 11 inches long and 7.4 inches wide, this kit provides a model that will take your enthusiasm for Star Wars to a new level. Recommended for modeling enthusiasts ages 12 and up.

Scope of delivery:

  • Precision machined parts for the highest level of detail.
  • Pre-painted clear parts for realistic window and lighting effects.
  • Special display stand for dynamic presentation.
  • Step-by-step building instructions for effortless assembly.
  • Decals for authentic markings.
  • Bonus: Exclusive Star Wars collector’s plaque included.

Whether you’re an experienced modeler or just getting into this fascinating hobby, the Bandai Star Wars Razor Crest model kit is suitable for anyone who wants to express the fascination of Star Wars in their own model world. Perfect for displays, game rooms, or as a collectible, this model will catch everyone’s eye.

What really sets this model kit apart are the unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. Thanks to innovative building techniques, even the clear parts are painted to perfectly mimic the appearance of the original. This gives your model remarkable depth and realism. And as a special highlight, you can showcase your Razor Crest when paired with the 1/72nd scale Revell kit to create an impressive Star Wars scene.

Background information:

The Razor Crest, best known from the popular series «The Mandalorian,» is more than just a spaceship. It embodies adventure, bravery and the spirit of the Star Wars universe. With this model kit, you can capture that essence and hold a piece of Star Wars history in your hands. The Razor Crest became a symbol of a new era in the Star Wars universe and represents countless unforgettable moments. Now you have the chance to relive those moments and immortalize them in the form of a breathtaking model.