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ACE RC High-Voltage Servo 7.4V


Tough & Reliable

Get the most dependable high torque with the ACE R/C standard servos. Made of high-impact material, these servos invite all types of maneuvers. Looking for a super precise performance? The ACE R/C standard servo is up to the challenge! The HV series operates under high voltage input of up to 7.4V, and does so without a regular.

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Torque 4.8V / 6V (oz-in)
Torque 6V / 7.4V (oz-in)41.7 / 54
Torque 4.8V / 6V (kg-cm)
Torque 6V / 7.4V (kg-cm)3 / 3.9
Speed 4.8V / 6V (sec/60°)
Speed 6V / 7.4V (sec/60°)0.18 / 0.15
Size L x W x H (inch)1.6*0.8*1.48
Size L x W x H (mm)40.4*20*37.9
Weight (g/oz)51.7 / 1.82
Operating Range+ / -45°


1.The most Reliable High Torque Motor
2.Standard Size to Fit Most Models
3.High Impact Material
4.Precise Operating Performance High-precision Metal Gears on MG Versions